Here are a few of our success stories:

Personal Injury:

Industrial Accident: Kaloustian Law Group obtained $650,000.00 for our client who suffered a crush injury to her left hand in an industrial accident due to a faulty machine press.

Auto Accident: We obtained $425,000.00 for our client who needed back surgery after being rear ended by a large truck on the freeway.

Auto Accident: We obtained $350,000.00 for our client who suffered severe injuries in a 10 car highway pileup.

Auto Accident: We obtained $275,000.00 for an injured client who required knee surgery after being broadsided by an inattentive driver.

Auto Accident: We obtained $212,500.00 for a family of four who were involved injured a rollover accident while on a long distance trip.

Premises Liability:

We obtained $175,000.00 for a client who fell down poorly lit and maintained stairs at an apartment building.


Northridge Earthquake Claims: Kaloustian Law Group was instrumental in reopening dozens of insurance claims for our clients stemming from the 1994 Northridge Earthquake and obtaining millions of dollars in additional benefits.

Wildfire Claims: We have represented hundreds of homeowners who suffered damages to their homes and business as a result of wildfires over the years and have been successful in obtaining millions of dollars in benefits to cover their losses.

Theft Claim: Kaloustian Law Group obtained over $130,000.00 in insurance benefits for our client whose entire household belongings were stolen from a storage unit while she and her family were suffering through foreclosure.

Business Loss Claim: We obtained over $175,000.00 in insurance benefits as well as 1 year without rent for our client whose small business she had built up for decades was almost destroyed by a fire.

Lemon Law:

Kaloustian Law Group has successfully represented hundreds of vehicle owners in obtaining refunds and returning defective vehicles. Here are a few success stories:

Recreational Vehicle: Our client’s $145,000.00 RV began experiencing multiple major issues. Kaloustian Law Group was successful in obtaining a brand new RV to replace our client’s defective vehicle.

Luxury Vehicle: Our client’s $125,000.00 exotic sports car he had saved years to purchase was having repeated mechanical and engine problems. Kaloustian Law Group was successful in getting our client out of this vehicle and obtaining a refund and loan payoff under the Lemon Law.

Boat: Our client’s $137,000.00 37′ boat had so many issues that he and his family had only been able to use it twice in 7 months. We were able to get our client a refund and loan payoff under the lemon law. Our client was finally able to purchase a boat he and his family could enjoy and use.

Each case is different, and the result depends on the facts and law that apply to that case. The examples above are not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.